If prostitution was legal, would you use one?

If prostitution was legal, would you use one?

Orlando Property Manager

Hmmm.  Might be a tough question for some, and easier one for others.  How about this one:  Which path will you take?

Orlando Property Manager

My short answer to the first question is “no”.  I don’t refrain from using prostitutes because it’s illegal- I refrain from using them because it’s a wrong thing to do.  My apologies to all the pimps and ho’s out there, but I’ll keep my distance from you and your trade.  I simply call it “making the right decision”.

It seems that more and more, our government wants to step in and be our daddy- protecting us from this and protecting us from that.  Well, I need neither government nor law to tell me what’s right and wrong- I’ve figured that stuff out all by myself.  I’ve often said that we can’t legislate morality- and were it not such a dangerous topic, I’d find it comical that a Congress unable to pass a budget in 4 years thinks they need to enact new laws to “protect us”.

If stealing escrow money wasn’t a crime, would you do it?  I wouldn’t- and it doesn’t take a lecture from a president for me to know it’s simply another wrong thing to do.  You see, we’re all born with these “moral compass” things.  Granted, some are molded and shaped better than others as we move through life’s phases- but I’d say that same compass we have in common at birth remains something we have in common to this very day.

We know right from wrong when we see it.

So what about you?  How much of your life (including your business) is led by a moral compass that guides your path- leading you to do what’s right because it’s right How many of your decisions are dictated by whether something’s legal versus whether it’s right?  True tragedies from Columbine to Newtown have some pushing for new laws they feel will make our nation safer- ones I feel are unnecessary and pretty dang scary, quite frankly.

I dare say no new laws are necessary, though.  We simply need to do a better job of listening to and following our moral compasses- and a better job of evaluating and treating those among us who are unable to do so for themselves.

If prostitution was legal, would you use one?


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