Florida Realtors 2013 Mid-Winter Meetings 2013

2013 Florida Realtors Mid-Winter Meetings

Well, it seems like we just wrapped up the 2012 National Association of Realtors (NAR) annual convention…or “trade show” (or whatever they called that thing) yesterday- but it’s already time for the 2013 edition of the Florida Realtors Mid-Winter Meetings.

“What’s there to do at the Mid-Winter Meetings?”, one might ask.  In short, the answer can be found by viewing the overall schedule:  2013 Mid-Winter Meetings Day-by-Day

I’ve attended our Florida Realtors‘ annual convention last year, and also attended our District Rally.  They were a mixed bag for me- meaning I didn’t really find a ton of stuff I felt like buying at the expo and I watched a bunch of my friends win iPads and liquor baskets while I won nothing…but I was able to attend a few good CE classes for free and network with some good folks I hope to see again.

More and more, my mind these days ponders opportunities.  Have I taken full advantage of the opportunities the good Lord’s given me over the past 44 years?  I’ve come to doubt it.  Part of my plan (not resolution…ugh) for this year and the following ones is to take advantage of every opportunity I possibly can.

I’m fortunate to have the 2013 Florida Realtors Mid-Winter Meetings here in Orlando- where I can get some showings in while the thing’s going on.  Jill Boles from our Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA)‘s Property Management Subcommittee is the 2013 Chairwoman of the Florida Realtors Property Management Committee- and I’m making a point to attend her meeting there.  ORRA past president Dean Asher is the 2013 Florida Realtors President as well- and I’m hoping to make it to his inaugural banquet.

I’m also looking forward to hearing more on our upcoming Great American Realtor Days, and looking forward to attending the Professional Standards Forum as well.  I know, Borefest City- but it’s a learning thing!

Whether it be the crazy real estate/property management world I labor in or the real world that creeps into it from time to time, the bottom line remains the same:  opportunities are finite things- and that last opportunity that we’ve missed might just be the last opportunity that comes our way.

All in all, the best we can do is the best we can do- and we can’t complain about lack of opportunity if we let the ones we’re given go to waste.

So what about the rest of you?  Gonna see you at the meetings?

Florida Realtors 2013 Mid-Winter Meetings 2013


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