Can you leave Mee-Maw at home next time?

Can you leave Mee-Maw at home next time?

Orlando Property Manager

Can you leave Mee-Maw at home next time?

OK.  I’ll say this first to get it out of the way:  I don’t have a problem with Mee-Maws, per se.  I never had a Mee-Maw myself, mind you.  I’d surely consider myself Mee-Maw-friendly, though- and I generally don’t have a problem with other folks’ Mee-Maws.  I had a Granny.  She wasn’t quite like this Granny:

Orlando Property Manager

….but she was pretty dang feisty, and managed to keep me in line for a while (usually by way of a switch I had to go cut myself, but I digress…).  By any measure, she was a great lady and one I’d stack up against anyone else’s Mee-Maw, Maw-Maw, Gammy, Grandma, Granny, Mum or Grandmum any day.

That said, there’s a time and a place for Mee-Maws- and I’m thinking that bringing one’s Mee-Maw along when viewing a home isn’t always the best plan.  Had an out-of-place Mee-Maw earlier today that nearly drove me slap nuts, quite frankly- and I can’t say she really added anything to the overall showing experience.

I knew the lady was the Mee-Maw right away- as it was clearly indicated on her shirt that said “I’m the Mee-Maw” (Not much gets past me).  While the gentleman that brought her to the showing was pleasant and made his trip around the property with a few minor questions and comments, Mee-Maw was a bit (how should I say this…) “particular”.

Mee-Maw wanted to know if all of the home’s screens would be replaced.  Not sure, Mee-maw.  Mee-maw wanted to know if the place had been cleaned– because Mee-Maw thought it was dirty.  Yes, Mee-Maw- the home has been cleaned.  Mee-Maw wanted to point out that some of the carpet appeared worn to her.  That’s new carpet, Mee-Maw- just installed last week.  And Mee-Maw wanted to know if what is now a carport could be enclosed to create a Florida Room or enclosed patio of some sort.

Really not sure on that last one, Mee-Maw.  But since the place is only renting for $800/month, I’m not that inclined to believe the owner’s ready to drop a few grand on enclosing the carport.

The gentleman that’d actually be living in the property asked a few sensible questions and was satisfied that he’d be fine living there, but this particular Mee-Maw was a terror and had me running 15 minutes late for my next appointment before I knew it!

So my question to this particular gentleman- and any other Mee-Maw-hauling prospects out there would be this simple one…

Can you leave Mee-Maw at home next time?


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