Somebody on Zillow likes me…or maybe they don’t

Somebody on Zillow likes me…or maybe they don’t

Orlando Property Manager

Somebody on Zillow likes me…or maybe they don’t

It popped up in my inbox this morning- nestled between my daily political updates, notes from a few friends, emails from tenant prospects and a few pieces of junk mail.  Yes, it was a love note from a secret admirer- Lizzy:

New Contact

lizzy ( is contacting you about a property on Zillow:
Hello, Its my pleasure to write you after going through your profile at and developed a deep and much interest to contact you for a good and lovely relationship, please i will like you to contact me through my email address ( for easiest and more communication so that i will explain to you further about me and also give you my picture, and i believe with my writing to you that this message will reach you in good atmosphere, i am expecting your respond to my email address, ( Lizzy.

Lizzy sounded like a wonderful lady- her English wasn’t the best, but I could overlook that in a woman with such a great heart.  She seemed to have enjoyed reading my profile- and seemed really anxious to get to know me better.  I thought “My prayers have been answered!”

She’s already aware of my job- so my long hours won’t bother her.  She mentioned something about her message reaching me in “good atmosphere”- which I took as her hoping today’s Florida weather was nice and that she was concerned for my overall well-being.  A great gal, this Lizzy must be.  And lastly, she’s ready to send me a picture- so she must be a real hottie!

Things aren’t always as they seem, though- and my Lizzy bubble was burst pretty dang quickly when I did a bit of research into this Lizzy person.  It didn’t take much, either- just a simple Google search using her email address that yielded 5,160 results and a sinking feeling that “Lizzy” wasn’t what she claimed to be.

Oh, well.  I knew it couldn’t last.  I’ve always heard that you have to be really careful with those Zillow girlfriends- and that they rarely turn out well, anyway.  Maybe it’s for the best that Lizzy and I have already parted ways- before I ended up resembling a word hidden within Lizzy’s email address itself:

Somebody on Zillow likes me…or maybe they don’t


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