Seatbelts save lives…like my nephew’s yesterday

Seatbelts save lives…like my nephew’s yesterday

Seatbelts save lives…like my nephew’s yesterday

“Seatbelts save lives, seatbelts save lives, seatbelts save lives…”  Those words have been ringing in my ears for about 36 hours now- ever since one saved my nephew’s life yesterday morning.

I always wear my seatbelt.  It’s just something I’ve done ever since a video in Mrs. Yarborough’s Driver’s Ed class ingrained in me the knowledge that sailing through a windshield is never a good thing.  And I never leave a driveway without telling everyone riding with me to “Buckle up for safety!”

My nephew, Matt Fetner, has always worn his seatbelt, too- and was wearing it early yesterday morning when he went from 70 to 0 in no time flat.  A pine tree doesn’t give at all, and it was by the grace of our Lord Almighty that Matt’s seatbelt held in place and kept him from being ejected from the vehicle and killed.

I thank God for seatbelts today– one in particular, but seatbelts in general as well.  The funeral director’s loss is our family’s gain due to Matt’s- and I’m surely not alone in having had a family member’s life saved by these lap belt/shoulder harness combo things that are simple strokes of genius.

Matt’s banged up, though- he’s got a lacerated liver, broken rib or two and damage to his lungs.  He had an 8-inch gash in his head closed up yesterday, and spent some time on a ventilator.  He got off the ventilator this morning and has been breathing on his own, but the lasting effects on his brain are going to take a few days or more to sort out.

We’ll take that, though- as the alternative is the unthinkable that we’ve all thought too much about lately:  Matt was this close to death, and I could’ve lost my nephew at 22.

Matt’s at Birmingham’s UAB (University) Hospital– and I can’t think of more capable hands than those manning their Trauma Unit and neuro ICU departments.  Good news can’t come soon enough, but we bide the passage of time and eagerly anticipate the next round of good news they’re going to share with us.

Matt’s my buddy- and Matt’s a fighter.  At 5 or so, he had to have been the smallest kid in Tae Kwan Do history- or so it seemed.  But he went from White Belt to Black Belt without missing a beat- and learned early on that it’s not always the size of the dog in a fight that matters most;  often it’s the amount of fight in the dog.  I trust it’s still in him.

Keep fighting, buddy- keep fighting…and the next time you drive off, don’t forget to buckle up for safety!

Seatbelts save lives…like my nephew’s yesterday


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