You need to move…when?

You need to move…when?

Orlando Property Manager

You need to move…when?

OK.  This post could surely go into a number of different categories.  “Property Management“, “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)” and a number of other places might work, but I’d figure it’s most appropriately a “Whacked!“-type thing.

I get a ton of phone calls and emails every day- it’s just the nature of my business.  That’s not to say that all calls and emails are good ones, mind you- as there are days when I believe the old “quantity doesn’t equal quality” saying was coined specifically for the property management world and the rest of y’all just stole it!

I’ll get calls and emails on a Wednesday from folks “needing” to move the following Friday.  I learned long ago that there are rarely such things as Moving Emergencies, though.  Rather, the urgency in folks’ voices and words is most often chalked up to the mover’s lack of preparedness.  Doesn’t keep ’em from turning their faux emergency into my real nightmare, though.

An email today didn’t bring any Relocation Doomsday news with it, though:  this one came from a lady who may very well have the rest of her life planned out:

We are actually looking to move in a year (March or April of 2014).  My husband has to wait to be discharged from the military before we can move from Nebraska to Florida for him to start college.  I know it’s early planning; but thought if I find things we like now, they could be available around the time that we are wanting to move.  Any advice for us to plan this move would also be very helpful.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you.”

Hmmm.  Still trying to come up with a good response to this one- but I figure I’ve got time.

You need to move…when?


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