So when are you getting OFF of Section 8?

So when are you getting off of Section 8?

Orlando Property Manager

So when are you getting off of Section 8?

Every now and then, I’ll have a question that I’m dying to ask a tenant prospect.  Some I refrain from asking in order to avoid belittling folks- such as “Why did you put the aquarium rocks down the disposal and turn it on?”  “Because I’m an idiot” is the only valid response here, of course- effectively rendering the question itself a bit unnecessary.  Other questions are tougher, though- and never asked for reasons perhaps more obvious, if possible.  A couple coming to mind right now are “You’re a single mom with 6 kids and you’re not getting child support- where’s your baby daddy?”, and the aforementioned “So when are you getting off of Section 8?”

For the uninitiated, Section 8 is a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  In the simplest of terms, it’s under HUD’s auspices and through city and county housing authorities whereby a select few of us enjoy the privilege of free or drastically reduced rent– while the rest of us enjoy the privilege of paying for it.

I have no problem admitting that I hate Section 8- hate it.  It’s textbook “Don’t hate the player, hate the game!”, though- in that it is the program I have a problem with versus it’s participants/recipients.  Call me crazy…OK, go ahead…but I believe in this funny concept that everyone should pay their own way- including their own rent.

After nearly 12 years of intermittent experience in handling Section 8 properties, the basic premise of the program hasn’t changed:  those possessing Section 8 vouchers don’t pay the rents that others without them would pay for the very same house.  It’s not right- and there’s no way anyone can convince me that Sally paying $13 of a condo’s $1,000 rent and we taxpayers paying the remaining $987 is as fair as Sue having to pay her full $1,000.

“Yes, just wondering if you accept section 8? I’m a family of all females 2 grandaughters, 2 adult children,  and myself.  I’ve be on the section 8 program for 13yrs…

This is the lady I’m dying to ask So when are you getting off of Section 8?” right now.  Grammar within her email aside….3 generations?  13 years?  I’m all for giving folks a hand up and help when they need it, but there comes a time when Granny needs to kick some folks out of the nest– and when Uncle Sam needs to do the same with all of them.

“Help” shouldn’t be a family tradition, though– and though some may incorrectly feel differently, lazy folks do exist.  And those sitting around on their tails while others are out hustling to pay their rent need a good kick to their posterior.  The way to help and improve ourselves- both today and tomorrow- is to foster and encourage self-sufficiency.  The path to decay and ruin is surely paved by a society that values its takers more than its givers- and its irresponsible at the expense of its responsible.

There are surely opinions that differ from mine- and the following links are from 4 good pieces I’ve read that speak to the Section 8 program from different perspectives.  Take a few moments and browse through one or more of them- and see if any questions burn within you

Oregon bill to end Section 8 discrimination

Section 8 Housing

Section 8 housing destroys home values, drives up rental prices?

Civil Rights or Property Rights Section 8 Voucher Q & A

So when are you getting off of Section 8?


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