Professionalism bites: no Hall and Oates for me

Professionalism bites:  no Hall and Oates for me


Professionalism bites:  no Hall and Oates for me

Today wasn’t any fun- wasn’t any fun at all.  It started out with a lot of promise, to be sure (had 7 or 8 appointments)- but the events from my first showing gave a bit of a clue as to how the remainder of the day would go.  My prospect confirmed our appointment when I called an hour ahead of it, phoned 5 minutes in advance to let me know she was running a few minutes behind…and never showed up.

Sweet!  Tough to beat driving 37 miles for nothing, but I pressed on… Would any of today’s remaining showings dare challenge the smashing success of that first showing?  You bet- including the one that led up to no Hall and Oates for me.

Today’s ledger shows just over 160 miles driven, and 3 prospects that confirmed twice.  One of those actually showed- albeit 30 minutes late- while the one mentioned above and another failed to show at all.  Only one left me cursing my own dang professionalism, though- the one that left me concertless and appointment-less.

A bit of necessary background information is necessary here.  My buddy Jon’s father-in-law is Charlie DeChant– and he’s played saxophone and keyboards for Hall and Oates since 1973 or so.  Solo on “Maneater“?  That’s Charlie.  Great sax work on “I Can’t Go for That“?  Yep, Charlie again. Though Charlie lives nearby, it’s a rare thing for Hall and Oates to come to Orlando- but they were in town to play at Sea World this afternoon.

Jon will get us tickets and/or passes for concerts elsewhere- but Sea World‘s a bit of a different animal in that we’d still have to pay $85 each (or whatever they charge to get in the park these days). That said, I was surprised to get a call from him saying that he’d gotten us passes and VIP passes to get in the park, too.

Sweet! Off to Sea World I…. Oops. One more appointment to go. I called the prospect to…umm…confirm- and may or may not have had my fingers crossed that she’d found something else to do with her life. She confirmed, telling me she’d already called my office and confirmed with our administrative assistant as well.

An hour before concert time- and an appointment that’s 45 minutes and 25 miles away. Dang professionalism…off to my appointment I went- no Hall and Oates for me.

If you’re still following my story here, I’d figure you have a pretty good idea as to what happened next. Yep, you guessed it: after confirming- not once, but twice– the prospect stiffed me for the appointment and I haven’t heard from her since.

Was she a “Rich Girl“? Don’t know, don’t care. Send some “Private Eyes” out looking for her? Not gonna happen. Just “Say it Isn’t So“- that I wasn’t really stood up again…but I was.

Dang it…Professionalism 1, Hall and Oates 0.

Professionalism bites:  no Hall and Oates for me


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