Lights, cameras…and justice for George Zimmerman?

Lights, cameras…and justice for George Zimmerman?

Orlando Property Manager

Lights, cameras…and justice for George Zimmerman?

Everyone’s seen something about, read something about, or seen something and read something about it- the case against George Zimmerman following the death of Trayvon Martin here last year.  And here we go- call it “Trial of the Century, Part II”, “Casey Anthony, Part II” or whatever you will:  George Zimmerman’s day in court has finally arrived.

I’m simply hoping the trial’s over quickly- and that the post-acquittal riots won’t last too long or do too much damage.

Merriam-Webster defines justice as (among other things) “the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments“.

Some of justice’s related words include equitability, equitableness, evenhandedness, fair-mindedness, fairness and impartiality.  I believe in that kind of justice.  I believe in our judicial system and I respect it.  I pray for and expect that George Zimmerman will get a fair trial– and I’m glad the time has come when a jury of his peers will be afforded the opportunity to hear both sides of this case and to render a verdict as they see fit.

For informational purposes, I believe George Zimmerman is innocent- and I believe the jury in this case will see things the same way and return a verdict of “not guilty”.  There are a number of folks who feel otherwise, of course.  From Trayvon Martin’s parents to local pastors, from the NAACP to other race hustlers and T-shirt hawkers who’ll surely be pimping Trayvon items as the trial starts on what some have called “National Hoodie Day”- most claim to be seeking “justice” from the courts as much as I do.

Some are honest and level-headed, yet some are nothing but vigilantes and thugs who’ll only see justice realized if the Zimmerman jury returns a guilty verdict.  Indeed, one source of hate, Workers World, begins their diatribe below with “George Zimmerman, the racist vigilante killer….” and ends with their assertion that “‘Justice’ means a conviction of Zimmerman and for the right of every oppressed youth to walk the streets free from racist terror from police and vigilantes like George Zimmerman“.

In marked difference to those whose feelings and opinions don’t mirror mine, however, I will accept the Zimmerman jury’s verdict- period.  If the jury hears the case and feels strongly enough that George Zimmerman is guilty as charged, I expect them to return nothing less than a guilty verdict.  I will respect their decision- period, and consider that justice was done here in Sanford.

I hate that those who feel justice is only served by a Zimmerman conviction can’t do the same, though– that those who beat drums so loudly for his arrest last year will have trouble accepting a verdict they don’t agree with that resulted from their clamoring.  I have little doubt that folk’s true colors will be on display throughout this trial- which many feel could carry on for as long as 5 weeks.  But knowing that the true colors of some sing-carrying, hoodie-wearing “racist vigilantes” will see the light of day brings little comfort.

May God bless all of us here– and allow cooler heads to prevail in any argument that arises as our Central Florida summer heats up.  May He keep all of us here safe regardless of our views on this case.  And may God continue to bless the Sanford Police Department and my hard-working friends within the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department.

Lights, cameras…and justice for George Zimmerman?

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