Program created to lessen pedestrian deaths in Orlando?

Program created to lessen pedestrian deaths in Orlando?

Orlando Property Manager

Program created to lessen pedestrian deaths in Orlando?

I’d surely like to believe this is the case- but I just as surely have my reservations about any of the programs I’ve heard of thus far.  I have a number of reasons for those reservations- for while I’ve just chronicled the 50th local pedestrian death as part of my Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road series, I simply don’t feel that our local law enforcement officials “get it”.

The Best Foot Forward program being implemented by a coalition of local elected and appointed officials seems like a good thing, right?  Not so fast, my friend.

Best Foot Forward takes clear aim at motorists- while paying nothing but a bit of lip service to folks like the gentleman I’ve pictured above who appears to share their lack of concern for his safety.  Ticket motorists who fail to stop for those in crosswalks?  I have no problem with it.  Ticket those not stopping for school buses?  Without a doubt- do all that’s possible to keep our children safe.

But can we tackle the real problem?  Can we make any effort at all to enforce the laws on the pedestrian side of things, local law enforcement?  I have over 150 photos as evidence that whatever you claim to be doing is terribly ineffective- found here:

I’m willing to do whatever I can to help spread the word- and will do whatever I can to stress to folks that both motorists and pedestrians alike play a role in keeping everyone safe.  My skepticism with regard to law enforcement’s commitment to pedestrian safety will remain, however, should I continue to see scenes such as the following.  I sat at the light behind whomever was driving Orlando Police car #8047 that day- and he showed no concern at all for the jaywalking pedestrian in the photo and others who also jaywalked right in front of him.

Start working on the problem by setting a better example, Orlando Police!

Orlando Property Manager

Program created to lessen pedestrian deaths in Orlando?


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