Justice came to Sanford last night…whether you agree with it or not

Justice came to Sanford last night…whether you agree with it or not

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Justice came to Sanford last night…whether you agree with it or not

A funny thing happened while some folks slept last night:  justice came to Sanford, Florida in the form of George Zimmerman being found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers.  To be sure, that is NOT GUILTY of 2nd-degree murder and NOT GUILTY of manslaughter.

While “happy” might not be an appropriate word here, I can surely understand that the verdict at the end of Zimmerman’s trial might bring relief to some and grief to others.  I can understand that as it pertains to the well-intentioned among us- and I can understand how Trayvon Martin’s family and their cast of attorneys don’t quite see the NOT GUILTY verdict in the same light as I do.

I’d like to know what happened to others who claimed to seek the same “justice” I’ve looked for all along, though.  In March of last year, I wrote of folks selling Trayvon Martin shirts and other merchandise, and of protest marches and rallies held by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panther Party and other race-hustlers from outside our area that arrived here and created a made-for-TV carnival atmosphere.

“We want an arrest!” was one chant- and there was one.  “We want Zimmerman to be charged!” was another- and he was.  “We want George Zimmerman to be tried for the murder of Trayvon!”– check that off the list as well.  “We want justice!” was a chant that now rings hollow, though- as the justice rendered by the jury in this case last night isn’t the “justice” some expected it to be.  And when the only justice one respects is that which they agree with, they are truly vigilantes- not seekers of justice and fairness as they claim.

Here’s the thing, though:  our judicial system worked.  Special Prosecutor Angela Corey had George Zimmerman arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder and he stood trial for it.  But the burden of proof in these cases falls on the prosecution, dear readers- and the crew she assembled had no chance of doing so without any evidence to support the allegations.  Even the world’s best lawyers lose when they don’t have any evidence- and the crew prosecuting George Zimmerman was composed of anything but the world’s best lawyers.

Consider the following…

No evidence showing any racial bias on Zimmerman‘s part was ever presented- indeed, the State of Florida declined to call this a race-based prosecution.

No witness called by the State of Florida testified of any malice on George Zimmerman’s part.  The state’s witnesses were so complimentary of Zimmerman that it was tough to tell whether they were prosecution or defense witnesses.  Wouldn’t you think the State of Florida could find one personZimmerman neighbor, co-worker, etc- that would testify to his anger or lack of heart?  Nope.

No evidence from the State of Florida contradicted George Zimmerman’s overall accounting of that tragic February night’s events- none.  They failed to prove George Zimmerman acted with malice, they failed to prove George Zimmerman was any sort of vigilante and they failed to prove George Zimmerman did anything but defend himself when he was attacked.

Many myths have surrounded this case– from the untrue George Zimmerman was told not to get out of his car and he did” to the manipulated image of Trayvon Martin that as late as last night had some around the country believing he was a 12-year-old boy when he died.  George Zimmerman was not ordered not to leave his vehicle- and in fact was asked additional questions regarding Trayvon Martin’s location after the exchange with the non-emergency dispatcher in question.  Trayvon Martin was no longer the small child portrayed in the official Trayvon Martin media/press kit photos, either.

The Zimmerman trial as a whole and last night’s verdict in particular brought well-deserved vindication to many:

George Zimmerman- NOT GUILTY and vindicated.

Sanford Police Department- vindicated.  The fine men and women who wear the badge of the Sanford Police Department conducted their investigation in nothing less than a thorough and professional manner.

Former Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee- vindicated.  Chief Lee is a fine man and public servant who was railroaded and forced from office by the unfounded and unproven accusations leveled his way by outside agitators and race hustlers who chose to use Trayvon Martin’s death as nothing more than a fund-raising campaign for their own sake.  Chief Lee saw no reason to move forward with a prosecution of George Zimmerman– and last night, the jury in the case proved how right his decision was.

I hope some good can arise from this entire scenario as well.  If Trayvon Martin’s death is not to be in vain, one of the main goals and means of good must be to stress the fact that violence isn’t the answer to any segments of today’s youth who may feel otherwise.  For members of their communities aren’t going to take it anymore- and even the biggest, baddest man MMA’s ever seen can’t stop a bullet.

May God bless George Zimmerman, Mark O’ Mara, Don West, Lorna Truett, the Sanford Police Department and former Chief Bill Lee.  May He bless the fine men and women of our Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, and may He continue to bless America.

Justice came to Sanford last night…whether you agree with it or not


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