You wanna put your what…where? And for how long?

You wanna put your what…where?  And for how long?

Orlando Property Manager

You wanna put your what…where?  And for how long?

The following is an excerpt from a tenant prospect’s email this morning:

I have a question since this request is associated with an out of state move from New Orleans.  My cousins are arriving in the area on the 31st or latest 1st August.  Is it practical for their movers to store their items in a POD or so in the the driveway until the current tenant vacates the property?”

What?  Our posted availability date for the property in question is 9/12/13– so this emailer’s thoughts that we might entertain such a crazy request at all is amazing in and of itself.  But to think we’d just let a future tenant drop a big box full of their junk in the middle of a driveway while our current tenants have over a month left in their lease is all the more incredible…

You wanna put your what…where?  And for how long?


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