When referrals go wrong, you have to be careful!

When referrals go wrong, you have to be careful!

Orlando Property Manager

When referrals go wrong, you have to be careful!

I dare say that whether we fall along the sales or the property management side of our business, we all love referrals.  For many, they’re the very lifeblood of their business.  The key to receiving quality referrals on a regular basis, though, is that one must give them out as well.

So what happens when a referral goes wrong?  A wide range of things, I suppose- some we can recover from, some we can’t.

I’d be a rich, rich man if I had so much as a quarter for every time folks have asked me to recommend a plumber, painter, tile guy, carpet guy or lawn guy that’ll do a great job for them.  I have a number of folks I trust and have confidence in- so things go pretty smoothly and I rarely ever hear any criticism coming back to me.

That changed today, though.

I have a management prospect that I’ve been speaking with for some time now.  He has a great place on a nearby golf course, but it’s a furnished property that he’s used as his vacation home for a while.  I don’t handle furnished properties (and outside the vacation market close to Disney, there’s no demand for them), so his task has been to get rid of his furniture one way or another.

A few years ago, an owner of mine had a furnished 5-bedroom place close to Disney that I took on as a management property- but only after he’d used an estate sale company to go in and dispose of his stuff by having a sale.  Worked out great- they inventoried everything, set up security, advertised, tagged everything, conducted the sale and sent my owner a check.

When the guy I’m currently working with asked me to recommend an estate sale company, I have him the information for the folks I just mentioned.  Bad move.

The current client called me earlier today to update me on things, and he told me that he’d gotten in touch with the folks I recommended to him- and had even met with them at his property.  Didn’t go well- as he didn’t like the owner of the company one bit.  Apparently, he’d also spent a good bit of time on the Internet and discovered some poor reviews others had written about the estate sale company.

Is that my fault? Of course not.  The only time I’d had an owner use the company, they had a good (if not great) experience with them- and I had no reason to expect things had changed.

I explained everything to the current owner- that estate sale folks aren’t quite like carpet guys and lawn guys that I use every day, etc.  He said he understood and that he was going to look for another estate sale company.

He stressed to me that he still intended on using me to manage the property once he has it ready- and there doesn’t seem to be any lingering animosity or anything on his part.

Thank goodness- ’cause when referrals go wrong, you have to be careful!


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