Robbing the post office? That’s just practicing…

Robbing the post office?  That’s just practicing…

Orlando Property Manager

Robbing the post office?  That’s just practicing…

True story:  I got a money order in the mail, and made a trip to my local post office to cash it.  It’s pictured above- Altamonte Springs, FL just outside of Orlando.

The clerk behind the counter took a quick look at the money order, and said “We don’t have that much money”.

I thought to myself “Yeah, I remember seeing that story just yesterday about how broke the postal service is”.


But not enough money to cover my money order?  I thought that was a bit crazy.  The clerk was polite and told me they’d have more money in the afternoon and to check back then, but I went to work instead- and checked on the cash availability at another local post office by phone.

I must admit, it felt a bit strange calling post offices and asking them how much cash they had on hand- after all, it would seem to a bit of a risky thing for the ol’ USPS to clue any thug that happened to do the same in on the fact that they could be holding thousands of dollars or something.

I thought “What if I had been a thug, and was looking to rob a post office?”

Then I thought twice…

Robbing the post office?  That’s just practicing…


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