An opportunity to serve- delayed and realized

An opportunity to serve- delayed and realized

An opportunity to serve- delayed and realized

Being a thankful kind of person comes with both positives and negatives.  Being one of those types of folks, I’ve always been keenly aware of the positives.  Thankful folks are cognizant of how they received whatever they’re thankful for- and mindful to remember that others might not have as much.  Folks content and thankful for what they have tend to worry far less about what they lack- and far more about others who lack what they have.  Folks thankful for their accomplishments can revel in them- appreciating both the hard work that went into achieving them and the blessings of their good fortune that for many others may never come to pass.

Our 2014 leadership election results were announced Thursday evening,  and folks have elected me to serve on our Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA)‘s Board of Directors.  My 3-year term begins in January.

The negatives to this?  I’ve received an overwhelming degree of support, kind words and encouragement from an untold number of friends and colleagues.  I’d intended on writing this post at some point yesterday– but I see great value in answering each congratulatory email and returning every voice mail of best wishes individually, and it’s taken me a while!

I’d be seriously remiss if I were to try and thank all who have supported me here.  An attempt on my part at drafting an all-inclusive list of any sort would undoubtedly omit some folks who have played an integral role in supporting me.  There are a few folks whom I must give special thanks to, however, for perhaps supporting me and encouraging me more than I could ever hope to deserve.

To the following folks, I wish to offer an extra degree of appreciation for supporting me throughout the past year and recently.  When my attempt at winning a seat on our Board of Directors last year ended in a loss, I must admit to not handling the defeat in the best possible manner (face it, losing stinks!)- and I thank you for your support up to (and through) my realization of an age-old promise that “…He may exalt you in due time” (1 Peter 5:6):

All at Legends Realty, Chairman Steve Merchant, past chairmen Mike McGraw and Stephen Baker, Susan Logan, Corey Van Dyke, Francisco Nieves-Taranto, Jeannie Wilson, Mark Humphreys, Laura Beasley, Kathi Adkins, Kim Lopez and all at Hampton and Hampton.  I once again thank you and our great Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA)‘s staff members kindly for continuing to encourage me as I awaited my due time.

An opportunity to serve- delayed and realized


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Dennis B. Burgess Realtor in Orlando, FL ORRA Vice-chairman of Strategic Planning/Secretary ORRA/FR Boards of Directors Empire Network Realty 6000 S. Rio Grande Ave., #104 Orlando, FL 32803 Cell: 205-445-4755 Office: 407-440-3798 Twitter: @orlrentals Turning vacant into occupied, and "houses" into "homes"
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