Helpful Hint: Let a Community Garage Sale help your business

Helpful Hint:  Let a Community Garage Sale help your business

Orlando Property Manager

Helpful Hint: Let a Community Garage Sale help your business

I had a few showings this morning- including a couple in a Deltona, FL community called Saxon Ridge.  It’s a beautiful day- so the traffic in the area being a bit heavier than usual didn’t really seem out of the ordinary or anything.

When I turned into the community and drove down the street a bit, I noticed the real reason for the increased traffic:  a Community Garage Sale.

Signs like this one from the mailbox kiosk were throughout the neighborhood, and all sorts of directional arrows looked to lure drive-by shoppers to one particular garage (or yard) over another.  Some thoughts crossed my mind as I awaited my first appointment of the day and watched a pretty decent stream of cars pass by:

How could I use this to help my business?  Can I use this to help my business?

The answers are relatively simple, of course- so much so that I really don’t know why I haven’t considered anything of the sort in the past.  There’s a plan I’m going to try soon, though- and I expect it might help others as well:

Let a Community Garage Sale help your business by generating a stream of traffic that will see your listing.  Have a “difficult listing” where interest is low and traffic pitiful?  See signs or notices in the paper that a yard sale or garage sale is coming up?  Why not roll the dice and have an Open House that coincides with the a Community Garage Sale, and use that ready-made traffic to your advantage?

The name of the game is exposure- and while there’s no guarantee that folks looking for great deals on 2nd-hand clothing and knick-knacks will also be looking to buy or rent a new home, it’s certainly a possibility.  And with some communities like Saxon Ridge holding these Community Garage Sales on a regular, scheduled basis, it’s a marketing possibility that might be tough to pass up!

Helpful Hint: Let a Community Garage Sale help your business

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