I’m glad my Sprint cell phone contract is up!

I’m glad my Sprint cell phone contract is up!

Orlando Property Manager

I’m glad my Sprint cell phone contract is up!

Funny thing happened as I dealt with Sprint earlier this evening.  Wait- no, it didn’t.  Nothing that happened was funny, and nothing got resolved by what Clark Howard would refer to as Sprint’s Customer No Service agents nor their Customer No Service supervisor.

After getting a few nagging text messages from Sprint asking me to confirm an address, I went out to the MySprint site and tried my best to navigate through the thing and figure out what the problem could possibly be.  I never did- as the only address shown attached to my account was correct.

I did notice the detailed portion of my bill pictured above, though.  Notice anything crazy about it?  That’s right- though I moved here to sunny Florida on 8/1/07, I’m still being charged an Alabama taxes in addition to my Florida ones.  The combined $4.63/mo in Alabama taxes might seem like small potatoes- but when you figure I’ve paid that for 75 months now, it adds up to a few tanks’ worth of gas.

I spoke with an aforementioned Customer No Service agent (I’ll go with “CNS” for short), and the CNS said it appeared my billing address was changed, but that my physical address wasn’t- thus they showed me still living in Alabama and getting my bill sent to Florida for some reason.

Easily fixed, right?  Sort of, as they seemed to have little problem with correcting their database.  But what about my 75 months’ worth of extra payments?  Their response to that question amounted to little more than “Too bad”.

After a bit more than 8 years with Sprint, I figure I deserve a bit better– though they feel otherwise and don’t plan to give me a dime of the extra money they charged me.  So said the CNS, so said the CNS supervisor.

I told the supervisor I was pretty dang glad my contract with Sprint ended a few weeks back- and where I’d been contemplating renewing with them and exchanging my 3-year-old Galaxy phone for one of those sharp Galaxy S4’s, I’m now setting my sights elsewhere.

Great follow-up email from them, too… if I’d discussed anything remotely close to “international roaming options”, that is.

Orlando Property Manager

I’m glad my Sprint cell phone contract is up!


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