No, the price is NOT negotiable

No, the price is NOT negotiable

Orlando Property Manager 

No, the price is NOT negotiable

…or at least not yet.  Times are tough.  Money’s tight.  It’s smart and prudent to try and get the best deals one can.  I get all of that.  But the ol’ Econ 101 “supply and demand” thing comes into play in our chosen profession just as it does in other ones.

That said….

If it’s the last day in October, a place has been on the market for a while, and a prospect finds you’ve slipped up and left the “Available 7/1/13” line in your ad… you have nothing to gripe about when said prospect tries to bargain with you and get your place on the cheap.

On the other hand…

If it’s that same last day in October and a place in a high-demand area such as… I don’t know, Lake Mary, FL?… has been on the market for about 16 hours, a similarly-situated prospect shouldn’t put a ton of faith in their hagglin’ skills.  For if you priced your property correctly, that price from the day before will still be a good one come Punkin’ Day.

No, the price is NOT negotiable


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