Thanksgiving means being thankful

Thanksgiving means being thankful

Thanksgiving means being thankful

I’m figuring many reading this would say (with just a hint of sarcasm) that “Well, Dennis, that’s mighty profound.  Being thankful at Thanksgiving- that’s a thought.”  But if you think about it, it’s a bit more complicated, yet a bit more simple.

Why are folks who appear to have nothing often the most giving?

Why are those who seemingly have the least to be thankful for often the most appreciative?

And why are those among us who are most blessed often the slowest to share their blessings?

Many a time, I’ve sat around a Thanksgiving table and played the “I’m thankful for….” game with well-intentioned and well-meaning friends and family members.  I’ve learned a great deal over the years, and perhaps my most striking remembrances are of how folks profess what’s most important to them at the Thanksgiving table- yet go about the rest of their lives showing the world something entirely different.

Indeed, the walk many walk bears little resemblance to the talk they talk.

I’ve come to believe things are pretty simple:  it just comes down to the fact that it’s not about “the stuff”.  Being thankful for stuff means precious little in the grand scheme of things, but being thankful to God for His many blessings and those He’s blessed our lives with means the world.

I won’t be playing the game this year, with all due respect- and that’s no bad thing.  I’ve simply come to realize that every day can be Thanksgiving if you strive to live a life of gratitude for what you’ve been given.  I’m by no means suffering like some in the above photos, but I don’t have much money by any measure.  Despite that, I remain thankful for what I have.

This Thanksgiving Day, I’ll thank God for everything He’s blessed me with in general and those I’m fortunate to count among the folks that care for me.  I’m thankful to all who have played any part in any measure of professional success I’ve had- yet even more thankful for Christian examples with no connections to business whatsoever.

A bit selfishly (or proudly, depending on perspective), I’ll also thank God this day for a beautiful young lady named Lexi Ramsey getting word that she’s been accepted to attend Flagler College next year- a place she’s dreamed of going since she was 7.  I’m so proud of her and thankful she’ll be able to pursue whatever life has in store for her.  That’s a sentiment I share with her mother, Candi- the only one I take a back seat to in calling myself Lexi’s #2 fan, and perhaps the only one around who can give Lexi a run for her money in the beauty department.  We love you, Lexi- and we’re so very proud of you today and every day.

My hope for everyone today is that you’ll have a safe, healthy and Happy Thanksgiving for sure- but that you’ll also take a moment or two and reflect upon how little “the stuff” matters.

Happy Thanksgiving, and God Bless You!

Thanksgiving means being thankful

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