VA Dental Care…yes, you read it correctly!

VA Dental Care…yes, you read it correctly!


VA Dental Care…yes, you read it correctly!

I’ve used the Orlando VA Medical Center for a number of years now.  Like others, I’ve had my ups and downs- with both the medical center here and with the overall VA health care system.  Having a few illnesses that have rendered me all but uninsurable (ask an insurance agent about narcolepsy coverage for a good laugh), I have always been thankful for the services I’ve gotten from the VA.

I’ve been thankful for a few reasons- primary among them being that the VA health care system is all I’ve got.  More than that, though, I’ve been blessed with a few great doctors over the years.  I feel my neurologist, Dr. Fabian Rossi, is the best I could ever ask for regardless of where I may venture seeking care.  Indeed, time itself represents the only bounds of Dr. Rossi’s kindness- as he’s like most other VA doctors and overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of our veterans’ need.

The VA‘s equipped with physicians skilled in general practice, as well as specialties that include neurology, radiology, pulmonology, coronary, prostheticsand more.  Dental care is something that’s been missing from the VA health care plan, though.  For years, I’d held the belief that all the VA offered in terms of dental care was an option of having a trouble tooth pulled for $150.  I had no need for that and rarely thought of it, but a broken tooth a few months ago led to my discovery that even that was an Urban VA Myth– and that the VA had absolutely nothing to offer in terms of dental care.  Until now, that is.

The following links will re-direct you to the websites for the two providers who have stepped up to partner with the VA in providing affordable dental coverage for veteransDelta Dental and MetLife offer a number of plans at varying prices, and it’s my hope that it’ll help the many veterans who have long suffered in need of dental care.

I’d also like to invite everyone to take a minute to visit for information of VA dental care and a number of other veterans’ benefits.

VA Dental Care…yes, you read it correctly!

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VA Dental Care…yes, you read it correctly!


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