What the cluck? Crying fowl on this one…

What the cluck?  Crying fowl on this one…

What the cluck?  Crying fowl on this one…

This just seems like a big ol’ cock-a-doodle-don’t.  The cute little fella pictured above, JJ Hart, is 3 years old.  He’s an autistic young man living here in the Central Florida town of DeBary.  JJ’s family learned that chickens provided great therapy for him, and last year they were successful in getting approval from the City of DeBary that allowed young JJ to keep his chickens:


Fast-forward to this past Wednesday night’s DeBary City Council meeting.  By a vote of 3-2, the council overturned the rule allowing JJ and others to keep chickens.  One of those voting against young JJ and his chickens was DeBary City Councilman Dan Hunt– a member of the council who supported JJ and his chickens last year.

Not really sure why Councilman Hunt turned against young JJ and his chickens, but I hardly see it as anything he should be crowing about.


While saying that he “would like to allow backyard chickens for JJ”, DeBary Councilman Chris Carson joined Councilman Hunt and another councilman in voting to overturn the chickens’ use.

I can surely understand how some (perhaps many) reading this might shake their heads and say “Here we go again…more folks claiming some disability in order to keep an animal”.  I get that and I appreciate it.  I’ve done the same thing when tenant prospects have given me doctors’ notes explaining the therapeutic benefits of “comfort animals” from large dogs to ponies- and I’ll freely admit to bristling when a prospect a few years ago pressed hard for a back-yard therapy trampoline that cancelled my owner’s insurance when it was discovered.

This is different, though:  it’s a simple matter of one little autistic boy and the chickens that provide him a bit of joy like nothing else.  And it’s a matter of the City of DeBary choosing to turn their backs on the little guy.

Shame on you, Councilman Dan Hunt– for supporting JJ and his chickens last year and abandoning him now.  Shame on you, too, Councilman Chris Carson– for voicing support for JJ and his chickens, yet voting otherwise.  Support from either one of you would have given JJ and his chickens a 3-2 vote in their favor.

Let JJ keep his chickens, DeBary… and leave the Christmastime Grinching to others.

What the cluck?  Crying fowl on this one…


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