She lived to see one more Christmas…

She lived to see one more Christmas…

She lived to see one more Christmas…

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from one of my best friends back in Alabama.  Jay was calling to let me know that his mother was dying- and if I were going home for Christmas, he wanted to make sure I stopped by to see her one last time.  Having stomach cancer at 91, Libby’s remaining days are surely few.

Ultimately, I wasn’t able to head home for Christmas– and my thoughts over the past week turned to Libby.  I knew I wasn’t going back home for the holiday, so I decided I was going to give her a call and speak with her a bit.  When Jay and I spoke about her, we’d both talked of how we hoped she would make it to Christmas– but Jay figured it would be a close call.

I thought about my upcoming call to Libby for a few days- what kind of spirits she might be in, how long she might be able to speak without discomfort, and exactly what I’d come up with to discuss with a great lady I knew would be leaving us soon.  I wouldn’t say I was dreading the call to Libby, but I’ll say I felt I had an obligation of sorts to be more respectful of someone in conversation than I’ve ever been in my life.  And I prayed I’d make that call before Libby’s time ran out.

I made that call last night.  When Libby answered the phone, any degree of uneasiness went away as I listened to how strong her voice sounded and how surprisingly upbeat she was in light of her imminent passing.  Not in denial by any means, mind you- but fully confident in her knowledge that she’ll soon meet the Lord.  I’m not alone in thinking he’ll be well pleased with her.

Libby made it!  She lived to see one more Christmas… and she was so happy to talk about how she’d spend this Christmas Day worshipping the Lord.  Libby looked forward to spending her last Christmas Day the way she’d spent so many others, and she was so happy to make it to Christmas for my buddy Jay, too.

Even as she faces her last days, Libby sees so much importance in this day, the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  This day means so much to her that she wanted to live to see it.  She hoped and prayed she’d see one last Christmas, and she made it.

Though she thanked me numerous times for calling her, my talk with Libby last night was more uplifting and inspiring for me than I ever could’ve imagined.  Libby has been a Godly example in living her life, and she’s not done yet.  We’d all do well in making the day we celebrate the birth of the one who died for us a day that we truly live for.

May God bless you this Christmas Evening, and may you have safe travels should you take to the roads soon.  And may God continue to bless Libby Goodner.

She lived to see one more Christmas…


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