What Realtors (and America) can learn from Richard Sherman

What Realtors (and America) can learn from Richard Sherman

What Realtors (and America) can learn from Richard Sherman

Millions watched Erin Andrews‘ post-game interview with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman following Seattle’s NFC Championship win over the 49ers.  Many have commented, texted, tweeted and/or posted their opinions of the interview- and those opinions run from one extreme to the other in terms of how some thought Sherman was “raw” and “refreshing” and others viewed him as no more than a common street thug.

Folks can think of Sherman what they will, but I believe America could learn a good bit from the words of this Stanford-educated Compton native.

In his column that follows, Sherman write of some things he’s learned since the Erin Andrews interview.


Taking a look at the column, one can see how his realizations might relate to our real estate profession- as well as other walks of life:

1. No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is.  Preach it, Richard…

2. This stage is bigger than I thought it was.  I think a lot of us can relate to this one.  How often have you been surprised at how many folks were watching you, or by how many folks you’ve influenced?

3. When to look away.  Social media can kill us with kindness or just kill us- and those who manage to tune out the excessively good and the excessively bad that swirls around us are going to be the most successful.

4. I’m lucky to have detractors.  Everyone isn’t going to like us.  Our charge, if possible, is to understand the rationale behind those who aren’t our biggest cheerleaders.  If their reasons are well-founded, they’ve provided us with constructive criticism that’ll make us better.  If they lack any rhyme or reason and are simply emotional ones, we must dismiss them and not dwell on them

5. It’s not all black and white.  But sometimes it is.  Racial problems still exist in our country- and those brave enough to openly confront the issue can be society’s true champions.

6. The NFL always wins.  Whether speaking of the Realtor brand or a particular brokerage’s, we must remain cognizant of both the benefits and the responsibilities that come from being a part of an organization much bigger than ourselves.

7. Anonymity isn’t for me.  Sherman says that “You’re anonymous until you put yourself out there…“, and that’s true of us as well.  The old saying that “x isn’t going to come over to your house and introduce themselves/itself” remains sage wisdom:  if you want to be noticed, you need to make folks notice you.  You should always be your biggest fan- and you should be best-suited to speak to how well you conduct your business.  You should also value the opinions of others who sing your praises.

8. The violence takes a toll.  Our business can take a toll- on our health and on our family life.  It’s important to strive for balance between professional life and personal life, and I’ll continue to do my best to abide by the motto that I work to live- I don’t live to work.

9. Pete Carroll is a rock.  We can find our rocks, too- and be rocks for others.  A steadying force serves to keep us both grounded and on track- supporting us and encouraging us to continue down a successful path or reining us in before we lead ourselves down a bad one.  Rocks have been down the road we’re now travelling and they have wise counsel for us if we’re humble enough to seek it.

10. If I could turn back the clock…  Well, we can’t turn back the clock.  We have to live in the present and march into the future- realizing that “the way we’ve always done it” might no longer be the way “it” works, and that “the way things have always been” doesn’t have to be the way things will always be.

Pretty thought-provoking fella, that Richard Sherman…

What Realtors (and America) can learn from Richard Sherman


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