Four Reasons Realtors Fail New Home Builders… What?!?

Four Reasons Realtors Fail New Home Builders… What?!?


Four Reasons Realtors Fail New Home Builders… What?!?

Four Reasons Realtors Fail New Home Builders… What?!?

So…this little “news piece” from New Home Star popped up in the ol’ inbox a bit ago.  “Catchy title”, I thought- and without knowing who wrote the story initially, I figured it was simply designed to draw interest to an article with content a bit different from that title.  I figured “Surely a builder wouldn’t draft something like this….”, but my figurin’ was a bit wrong.

New Home Star‘s position as a “national real estate sales management firm serving builders…” may situate them well to serve their builder-client’s interests, but I fail to see their reasoning in throwing Realtors under the bus while doing so.

In laying out their “four reasons”, New Home Star asserts that:

– “They (Realtors) have little incentive to become an expert on the value presented by a community…”  I beg to differ.

– “Realtors often take on a ‘showing’ mentality, where they present information without making an effort to actively guide the buyer through a favorable thought process…”  Again, I beg to differ.

Apparently, New Home Star‘s goal is to promote the benefits of builders employing the practice of using on-site sales forces versus relying solely upon Realtors to sell their homes.  While that may not be an altogether bad idea (and it’s surely nothing new)- as Realtors do look to best serve their clients by getting them into homes that are best for them despite who’s selling them, I don’t see how the scenarios presented reflect Realtors‘ “failing” home builders.

Regardless the intent, this article is needless mudslinging, in my humble opinion- and is a slap to the face of Realtors who work hard every day to not only serve their clients well, but also to foster relationships with fellow Realtors, builders and others alike.

New Home Star closes with saying that “proactive efforts to improve and expand Realtor relations are a key part of the New Home Star approach”- but I “fail” to see (pun 100% intentional) how an article like this will generate much goodwill between them and the Realtor community they profess to value.

Four Reasons Realtors Fail New Home Builders… What?!?


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