Thanks for calling- now stop it!

Thanks for calling- now stop it!


Thanks for calling- now stop it!

Like many of you, I’ve been on the road a lot lately.  Business is booming- and as the old idiom goes, we have to make hay while the sun shines.

I’d figure many of you also have a thing called a cell phone tethered to you in some sort of manner, too.  Those things play the part of both blessing and curse in our daily lives- as there are times when one’s life literally depends on having one of the dang things, but more often than not they serve as distractions.

At times, these technological marvels are one of your day’s biggest stumbling blocks or biggest sources of frustration.  That was the case for me yesterday, as more than once I teetered on the brink of tossing my phone out the window–  dropping a certain technological marvel atop all of the other road debris one may find along I-4 on any given day.

Why so crazy?  72 phone calls over the course of 8 hours as I tried to show properties…72 of them.  “The phone ringing is a good thing”, some will say.  Others will chime in with “Worry when the phone stops”.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  That’s correct to a point- but while I’m thankful for the phone ringing with “business” on the other end, there are certain callers that tend to call you, leave a message and call you again only a few minutes later.  And call you again…and again…and again….

And that’s when Monday’s no longer the only Manic day of the week.  So to the gentleman…ahem… who saw fit to call me 13 times in 6 minutes, I say:

Thanks for calling- now stop it!

Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess
Leasing Consultant and Business Developer
Licensed Florida and Alabama Realtor

Legends Realty
290 Waymont Court, Suite 100
Lake Mary, FL 32746

Direct/Cell/Fax- 407-278-1240
Office – 407-333-1010 x137

Turning vacant into occupied, and “houses” into “homes”SM

Thanks for calling- now stop it!


About Dennis Burgess

Dennis B. Burgess Realtor in Orlando, FL ORRA Vice-chairman of Strategic Planning/Secretary ORRA/FR Boards of Directors Empire Network Realty 6000 S. Rio Grande Ave., #104 Orlando, FL 32803 Cell: 205-445-4755 Office: 407-440-3798 Twitter: @orlrentals Turning vacant into occupied, and "houses" into "homes"
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