All Aboard, Central Florida!

All Aboard, Central Florida!



All Aboard, Central Florida!

SunRail Service Begins 5/1/14

All Aboard, Central Florida!

Well, it’s been a long time coming- but later this morning marks the beginning of a new era in Central Florida transportation.  After years of planning and hard work (and of dedication to the cause by many in the face of a good bit of friction along the way), the time for the stations’ gates to swing open and welcome “real” passenger service has finally arrived.

Is everyone a fan of SunRail?  Of course not.  Every project that’s ever used a dollar of public funds has been met with some degree of resistance (and justifiably so)- and SunRail is surely no different.

A number of folks are extremely supportive of SunRail.  In the interests of full disclosure, that includes our Orlando Regional Realtor Association– which was one of the corporate partners that purchased over 1,000 passes like the one I’m holding in the photo here.  Others are opposed to the project, and still others profess a lukewarm sort of “wait and see” attitude towards it.

To be sure, no side will be proven correct today.  No, it’ll be months and perhaps years before SunRail is deemed a success or a failure- a godsend to those seeking refuge from upcoming I-4 construction or a big waste of tax monies per a number of our community’s voices who never would’ve been counted among the project’s ridership prospects no matter its features or quality.

Count me among the folks looking forward to SunRail‘s opening in a few short hours- and rest assured I’ll take a small portion out of my day to try the thing out.  I’ll be encouraging others to give it a try as well.  The system will be offering free service for the next 2 weeks, and I’ve also purchased a number of the “rechargeable” SunRail passes to hand out to clients and customers in an effort to increase awareness of our area’s first commuter rail system.

So if you’re in the area, what do you say?  Will you answer the call when SunRail‘s conductors bark…

“All Aboard, Central Florida!”?


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