A victory I won’t be celebrating

A victory I won’t be celebrating

A victory I won’t be celebrating


“What you subsidize, you get more of”– a saying I must have heard over 20 years ago that still holds true today.  Whether we’re encouraging folks to remain on the public dole by refusing to reform welfare or making life easier for illegal aliens by letting them go to college on the cheap, the way things in America continue to trend leaves less and less to cheer about.

A rose by any other name remains a rose, and an illegal alien by any other name remains an illegal alien.  Our liberal media can try as they might, but whether one is labeled a “dreamer”, an “undocumented student”, an “unauthorized immigrant”, an “immigrant without papers” or “someone who arrived in America through no fault of their own”, one remains an illegal alien.

College tuition is on the rise for everyone- and it’s a cost that U.S. citizens can hardly afford.  Attending a Florida university and paying out-of-state tuition for the opportunity is a burden that breaks many hard-working U.S. citizen families.  The University of Central Florida (UCF) here in Orlando boasts somewhere close to 60,000 students from all corners of America- cost to a student coming from another state?  Roughly $33,000/yr.

I’m all for talks of how to lower tuition for all students (as some claim legislation helping illegal alien students will do)- but rewarding the parents of illegal aliens by easing any of their burdens at the expense of U.S. taxpayers is something I’ve heard more than enough about already.

Both of my elected representatives (Mike Clelland in Florida House District 29 and David Simmons in Florida Senate District 10) supported this legislation.  You’ve both lost my support, gentlemen.  I’ve supported both of you in the past- especially Senator Simmons and his solid leadership in enacting our “Stand Your Ground” law that continues to give innocent Floridians the right to defend themselves.  I’ll remain appreciative of that, but I feel neither of you can be counted as a reliable conservative vote going forward.

When you forget that “illegal is illegal” and you support policies that reward and subsidize non-U.S. citizens at the expense of U.S. citizens, what can we expect next?

A victory I won’t be celebrating


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