“Where are you from?” Good question…or maybe not

“Where are you from?”  Good question…or maybe not


“Where are you from?”  Good question…or maybe not


From time to time, I’ve been rightly accused of talking a lot.  That’s surely no shock to anyone whose been on a committee of any sort with me- and it’s a character flaw of some sort that I’ve had going way back to my elementary/high school days.  I’m just a friendly sort of guy, I suppose- and unapologetically so.


I’ve always been an inquisitive sort of person, as well- and I’d dare say I’m one of the most “How does this work?” type of folks you’ll ever meet.


From my early days in the Navy, I’ve also asked the “Where are you from?” question an awful lot.  In boot camp, we were a bunch of guys working toward a common goal (getting out of boot camp, to be honest about it)- but yet we hailed from all corners of America.  Asking someone where they were from was a much better icebreaker than the ol’ “Sure is hot today, huh?” question- but it also allowed folks to brag a bit about their hometowns and states.


You can rest assured I often spoke of both the salt of the Earth-type folks in my native Alabama and my beloved (now) 15-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide.


I stumbled across this article from Massachusetts the other day, and it’s made me re-think things a bit from a business perspective, though- and I think it’s a downright sad thing:




Asking one simple question seems to have gotten a Massachusetts agent in a world of trouble (sorry, couldn’t resist).  I’ve yet to find a Florida statute that mirrors this applicable Massachusetts one in any way- but that doesn’t mean one’s not just around the corner or in the works for our next legislative session.  For a guy that’s pretty fond of talking in general, the whole thing’s a bit scary.


I ask the “Where are you from?” question of virtually anyone who views a property with me.  I’ll joke with someone I reasonably suspect of being a Yankee, explaining that although I might have a hint of a Southern accent (…and all who know me say “a hint?”), I’ve also spent a good bit of time up North as well.  I’d never have a clue that there’s a bit of difference between the Spanish and Portuguese languages had I never asked a Brazilian client about it- and I’d never have learned a great deal about rental policies, tenants’ unions and the like had I never discussed those things with an owner client from the U.K.


Yep, I might very well have to change my ways- but we’ll see.  For now, though….where are you from?


“Where are you from?”  Good question…or maybe not

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“Where are you from?”  Good question…or maybe not



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