The tenant did what?

The tenant did what?


The tenant did what?

After spending a good bit of time in the property management world, there’s a somewhat natural tendency to develop an “I’ve seen it all!” mentality.  For some it comes after a year or two, while others might feel it coming on after ten or so years in the business.

I guess I’ve had it come and go over the course of the (now) 13 years I’ve been doing this.  From a tenant’s ignorance or lack of knowledge regarding something that generally falls within the “common sense” category, to a one’s blatant disregard for any rules of acceptable behavior, to yet another doing far more damage to a property than their time in it would lead you to believe possible, I have seen a lot.

Thank goodness (or badness) for the little things that pop up from time to time and send me back to reality, though- and remind me that no, I haven’t yet seen it all.

The photo above is a thousand words from my showing of one of our occupied properties yesterday….making me think

The tenant did what?


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