Can you stop texting me while I’m driving….please?

Can you stop texting me while I’m driving….please?

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Can you stop texting me while I’m driving….please?

I guess this qualifies as a rant… I’ve written in the past about Florida’s law against texting while driving.  The law went into effect back in October or so, and I admitted ahead of the law’s effective date that I’ve been known to text and drive too dang much- and that I’d admittedly have some serious trouble complying with the law.

How’s it gone so far?  So-so, I suppose.  Being honest about it, I can say that I still text and drive- though considerably less than before.  That’s partly due to my wanting to comply with the law and everything, and partly ’cause it’s just the right thing to do.

…and if others would help me a bit, I’d make even more progress.

I’m not saying I need a support group of any kind.  Heck, there’d even be a problem with the name TA itself- as what might be the texters’ equivalent of AA could easily be mistaken for something a bit more pornographic!

No, I’m just asking if folks (especially a certain tenant prospect from this morning who’ll remain nameless) can refrain from blowing up my phone with texts once I’ve told them that “I’m driving- can’t text now”.

I had gotten two texts of decent length from said prospect earlier in the day, and I’d replied with answers to each of her questions.  While driving, my phone lit up- and I looked down to see a stream of texts from her that were hard to read, let alone respond to right away.  When I told her that I was driving and couldn’t text at the moment, I guess I just had this wacky notion in my ‘punkin that she’d respect that.

I was absolutely wrong about that, though- as her next response began with “I understand you’re driving and can’t text, but……” and she kept on and on with questions of varying degrees of germaneness.  By the grace of God, I managed to compose myself and refrain from jettisoning my phone and its scrolling texts from her out the window.  Yes, the shoulders of the 429 toll road remain cell phone litter-free as best I can tell.

Can’t say that’ll always be the case, though- and I understand this might indeed be a futile pursuit.  But I’d like to hope I can get a bit more help in my efforts to avoid texting and driving.  And the best candidates for helping me will be the ones I’ll specifically ask “Can you stop texting me while I’m driving….please?” so that I can avoid one of these…

orlando property manager

Can you stop texting me while I’m driving….please?


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