District Conference re-cap: nice- but were any lives changed?

District Conference re-cap:  nice- but were any lives changed?

District Conference re-cap:  nice- but were any lives changed?

Last week, I was one of a number of folks attending our Florida Realtors (FR) District 12 Conference, “Productivity and Profit”.  It was an interesting day for the most part (though some parts of it did drag- I can’t lie).  The agenda included talk of Realtors and technology, how Realtors can get global business, the state of Florida’s economy and its impact on Realtors, a Top Producer panel and a “Meet the Candidates” type of forum that introduced us to those running for 2015 Florida Realtors elected positions.

But going back to my question, were any lives changed?

Going off the topics I’ve mentioned thus far, I’d answer with a resounding “no”.  Sure, someone might have heard of an app for the first time (I did bring up my frequent use of Slydial– and was surprised at how few knew of that amazing bit of convenience..but I digress).  Some folks might have learned that economists’ views of the state of Florida’s real estate world is just about the same as their own view.  And some might have picked up on an organizational tip or two that’ll help their office run a bit more smoothly.

None of that life-changing, though.  That leaves the possibilities for life-changing to the keynote speaker.  There’s something a bit poetic about having a guy like Andrae Bailey- CEO of the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness, speak to the group about the homeless as we scarfed down  a decent chicken and pasta salad and a piece of pie.

After playing a short video from his organization’s Rethink Homelessness campaign ( http://www.impacthomelessness.org/rethink-homelessness/), Andrae played the video at the top of this post.  From the New York City Rescue Mission and their Make Them Visible campaign (http://www.makethemvisible.com/), the video served to both open and water a number of eyes as it examined our views of the homeless among us through an experiment I trust will open a number of other eyes as well.

So…. were any lives changed?  The jury’s still out.  But if I were a betting guy forced to choose something from the day’s schedule that I’d label the “Most Likely to be Life-changing” or my “most-life-changingest-item”, if you will, the videos beat Slydial by a mile.

District Conference re-cap:  nice- but were any lives changed?


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