Turning back the clock, Wednesday-style: Orlando foreclosure photos

Turning back the clock, Wednesday-style: Orlando foreclosure photos

Orlando Property Manager Orlando Property Manager

Turning back the clock, Wednesday-style: Orlando foreclosure photos

I stumbled across a couple of these while looking for some other photos on a flash drive earlier today.  Thinking back- and not too far back, I recall making a trip over to this house to inspect it for a bank who had just bounced out the former owners.

This was one of the first 2 or 3 that I’d looked at, and I recall the stark difference between this place and the one I’d visited an hour or so prior to it.  They reflected the extremes of both the homeowners and the way each chose to handle the unfortunate circumstances that had been visited upon them.

The home I’d just left?  My nose nearly burned from the smells of Comet and Clorox as I opened the front door- and Lysol came to the party as I moved down the hallway a bit toward the 2nd bathroom.  The previous owners had obviously cleaned prior to leaving, quite possibly the very morning they left the place for the last time.  Seeing both the care they’d given to and the pride they’d taken in the place…clean, neat, paint perfect, yard pristine, the sorrow they felt when leaving was almost palpable.

Which made the fact that they maintained their dignity on the way out an even greater thing.

The house pictured here?  It’s an example I’ve used for a while now- of how I one day turned a corner and arrived at where a kitchen once was.  “Where a kitchen once was?“, some ask.  “Exactly“, I say- just as I explain that other parts of the house presented areas where door knobs once were, where coach lights once were outside the garage, where lights once were and lastly, rooms where toilets once were.

Through the different ways in which these two families handled the adversity of losing their homes, we see the polar opposites that might very well exist within each of us if left unchecked.

So how do you choose to handle adversity?  The path through where a kitchen once was may very well be the easier one- but the one smelling of cleaning products is surely the more admirable one.

Turning back the clock, Wednesday-style: Orlando foreclosure photos

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