Gerber Collision & Glass- They’re a chain?

Gerber Collision & Glass- They’re a chain?

Gerber Collision & Glass- They’re a chain?

I could probably end my post here and it’d be a fairly good commentary on my recent experience with Gerber Collision & Glass– and more specifically, with their location at 1040 Sunshine Ln., Altamonte Springs, FL  32714.  It’d hardly do them any real justice, though.

A month or so ago, I was rear-ended and needed to get my mom-mobile fixed.  For purposes of this discussion, the mom-mobile is also known as a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan.  It wasn’t in pitiful shape, mind you- but a lady hit me, banged up my van a bit and I could get it fixed for free- so I figured I might as well do it and schedule the repair.

I had my oil changed at the only place I go for regular service (Olympic Auto in Altamonte Springs), and asked the guys there about a place called Gerber Collision & Glass where GEICO had scheduled my mom-mobile to be repaired the following day.  The Olympic folks said the guys at Gerber were good folks, and I went in the next morning to drop off the mom-mobile.

When I arrived at Gerber, I was met by not one, not two- but three folks: the GEICO adjuster, an Enterprise guy working in their office that had my rental ready to go and Gerber‘s Estimator, Brad PeachGEICO has this thing called Auto Repair Express that puts everyone together at the same spot- which they said would ensure a more timely repair, etc.

As we made the trip out to go over the damage to the mom-mobile, the GEICO adjuster handed me a folder of information that had all of the guys’ cards in it (pictured above).  He said they “wanted to get all 10’s”- and though I didn’t really have a clue that I’d be grading them on anything, I thought to myself “Whatever you say, Sparky”.

Brad Peach and the GEICO guy went about marking up spots on the mom-mobile f0r a few minutes and I was on my way down the road in the rental in no time.  They said they’d call when the mom-mobile was done.

A few days later, I got a call from the front desk person at Gerber Collison & Glass– telling me the mom-mobile was ready.  When I arrived to pick it up the next day, the lady greeted me by name as I entered the place and Brad Peach was right there to go out and look over the mom-mobile with me.

Simply put, I got the mom-mobile back in better shape than it was in prior to my accident.  It was a first-rate, high-quality repair job all around.  While I’m not 100% sure that they washed the entire mom-mobile, it seemed like they did.  They’d vacuumed the interior as well- and left no “shop dirt” or anything else behind.

It’s hard to imagine that my repair could’ve gone any better.  From the customer service side of things, to the way Gerber Collision & Glass and Enterprise worked within the Auto Repair Express deal and all, to the repair itself, the folks there treated me and my relatively small repair as if I had a brand-new Lamborghini or something.

After getting such good service and figuring I’d write a review of some sorts, I went out to research Gerber Collision & Glass a bit and see how the service I’d received compared with comments from others regarding their service.  My biggest surprise came when I discovered that Gerber Collision & Glass wasn’t the Mom and Pop company I thought they were!

I thought “They’re a chain?”  Nothing about the service I received indicated they were a chain with hundreds or thousands of customers- I was left with the feeling that my business mattered to them as much as it would to a struggling diner around the corner or a neighborhood drug store losing its battle against the Walgreens and the CVS’s of the world.

According to their site,, Gerber Collision & Glass has been in business for 75 years, has over 250 locations in the U.S. and close to 50 in Canada.  If folks at every location receive the same level of VIP-type service that I got at the Gerber Collison & Glass location in Altamonte Springs, Gerber is a company that should be around for another 75 years.

Gerber Collision & Glass- They’re a chain?



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