Schoolhouse Rock lives on? comes close

Schoolhouse Rock lives on? comes close

imageSchoolhouse Rock lives on? comes close

Not exactly sure how I stumbled upon this site, but I’m fairly glad I did- if I can ever get “I’m just a bill” and “Conjunction junction, what’s your function?” out of my head, that is.

Serving on my association’s Governmental Affairs Committee and a number of other ones, I’d say I spend more time following legislation with the potential to affect the real estate industry than most folks.  Funny thing about though, is that it might actually cut down on the amount of time I spend on research.

“How so?”, you ask?  Easy- everything I’ve ever wanted to know about bills, laws and our folks in D.C. that move them along can be found on this one site.  Word to the wise, though: don’t venture onto unless you’re looking to find a wealth of information- and you’re open to the possibility that you could get hooked on the site and have trouble leaving it!

As I mentioned, you’ll find information on bills, laws and our elected officials on– but it goes much further and deeper than that.  You’re able to see all of the votes a particular senator or congressman has ever cast- as well as information on officials themselves that includes when they entered office and when their terms expire, the number of votes they’ve missed over the course of their time in office, where they fall on the conservative/liberal ideological spectrum and more.

Aside from tracking information as bills move from introduction to committee and onward, there are two other features I find pretty valuable.  One involves the site’s use of algorithms to predict the chances a bill will make it out of committee- and if so, the chances it will ultimately make it into law.  The other is what I’d consider the best feature of the site overall: you can track your senators’ or representative’s voting activities (and/or the activities of any, for that matter).  I found myself spending a bit of time looking at bills a number of House members had in the works simply because doing so was incredibly easy.

I signed up to track my congressman, Rep. John Mica (R-FL7)- and I’m also tracking Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN6) who introduced a bill regarding tenants in cases where owners lose the homes they’re in.  I get an email every day or so that let’s me know every vote that’s happened recently, whether the bill passed or failed and how the folks I’m following voted.

All told, offers something that I can use on a regular basis- and as a resource, it offers a great deal of information in one spot that school-age children (or anyone else looking to re-live the days of Schoolhouse Rock) may use in their research efforts as well.

Schoolhouse Rock lives on? comes close

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