How do I vote in this year’s ORRA election?

How do I vote in this year’s ORRA election?

Great question!  Members in good standing may vote in this year’s Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA) leadership election between now and 5pm on September 30th- and doing so will take you less time than it took you to read this sentence.

The process starts by accessing the voting portal, found here: Click to vote in Orlando Regional Realtor Association election. You’ll be taken to the following screen:


From here, you’ll use your NRDS ID (same one you use for MLS/Matrix, typically 9 digits) and password to login and be carried to this year’s ballot. The ballot looks like this:


There’s only one contested race this year- for the candidate who will become our 2015 Chairman-Elect and 2016 Chairman of the Board. Indicating the candidate whom you feel would best serve our association is accomplished with a simple click within the check box beside that candidate.

I feel John Lazenby is far and away the best choice to lead us. If you’re not familiar with John Lazenby, I invite you to read his biographical information and/or view his candidate video- which I trust will lead you to support him as well. Upon selecting John Lazenby, your checked box will appear as indicated here:


The next step is to click on the “Preview Ballot Selections” button- which will present you with the following page and an opportunity to review/verify your selection:


If this page reflects your choice for 2015 ORRA Chairman-Elect, click on the “Cast My Ballot” button- which will result in the following prompt and one final opportunity to catch an error you might have made:


Almost there! Your options from here are to click “OK” and confirm your ballot is correct or to click “Cancel” and return to your ballot and make any necessary changes. Selecting “OK” will return the following screen- which serves as confirmation that your vote has been received:


That’s all there is to it! The results of the election will be announced at ORRA’s Realtor Convention and Trade Expo on Friday, October 3rd. Everyone is invited to hear the results of this exciting race- and to congratulate the winner and offer them best wishes as they serve us the next two years as 2015 ORRA Chairman-Elect and 2016 ORRA Chairman.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this election- and thank you kindly for considering John Lazenby as you make your decision.

How do I vote in this year’s ORRA election?


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