FAQ Series, Owner question: Should I provide pool care?

FAQ Series, Owner question:  Should I provide pool care?

FAQ Series, Owner question:  Should I provide pool care?

Over the years, I’ve found videos to be very effective.  I don’t make them as often as I’d like, don’t make them as often as I feel I probably should but I do tend to make them more often than 95% of the Realtor public.

There are both good and bad aspects of building a video library, though.  The good?  You’ve got a video library- most folks don’t.  The bad?  The library has to remain dynamic rather than static- and you have to keep up with things:

 Have a video with information that’s no longer true?  Time to make a new video!

 Have a video offering your opinions- and those opinions have changed?  Time to make a new video!

 Have a video which includes the name of “your company” that’s no longer “your company”?  Time to make a new video!

and lastly…

 Have a video out there, and you’ve found that you now look nothing like the “you” that’s in the video?  You guessed it- time to make a new video!

I have a number of videos with content which remains relevant- though I had a big ‘ol company logo behind my head or somethin’– and those need to be updated.  I’ll review the old ones as I make the new ones- both to be true to the spirit and intent of those, as well as to ensure I don’t omit any bits of sage wisdom:).

I switched companies back in June, so I’ve got to make new videos to satisfy my #3 above, at a minimum.  This is the first of my “new” videos from my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) series– where I address questions I’ve gotten from owners, tenants and fellow Realtors over the years.  I’m hoping to have a good number of these done in the coming weeks.  Hope folks find value in them- and that I’m able to address some property management questions folks are interested in.

So….. Feel free to suggest a video topic!  Have a Property Management question?  Let me know, and I’ll answer it and make a video from it.  Chances are you’ll be glad to get your question answered- and you’ll be able to help others who might also find value in the question and its answer!

FAQ Series, Owner question:  Should I provide pool care?


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