It’s my policy- you can cry if you want to

It’s my policy- you can cry if you want to


It’s my policy- you can cry if you want to

When it comes down to it, I really don’t care about other companies’ policies- and I probably care even less whether folks elsewhere care about mine.  That may sound harsh, but the truth often hurts.

I understand this might come as a shock to some folks, as it undoubtedly has to some of my tenant prospects over the years: different companies do things differently, and each one can conduct business however they dang well please.  Other than wanting folks to play by the rules, abide by our Code of Ethics and more/less be good folks, I don’t care what policies Acme Real Estate down the road functions with nor how XYZ Property Management Company does theirs.

If I’ve heard the following once, I’ve heard them and similar questions a thousand times over the years…

“Some companies give out their lock box codes if you give ’em your driver’s license number” …What?  In the grand scheme of things, knowing the driver’s license numbers of folks who visited one of my properties does me no good at all.  If something comes up missing or damaged, am I supposed to put the names of everyone that’s been there in a hat and choose a lucky person to sue?  That wouldn’t make it through any court- so I’ll stick with my policy of not giving out lock box codes, thank you kindly.

“Most places only require you to make 2x the rent amount- 3x the rent amount is too high!”… Really?  Have you polled “most” companies, or does the 2x the rent amount just happen to be the threshhold that you meet?  Again, I’ll stick with my policy of requiring applicants to make 3x the rent.

“Some places will accept you with an eviction- why won’t you?”… Hmmm.  You have not one, but three evictions here.  You’ve got a solid track record, for sure- a solid record of shafting folks who put a roof over your head in the past.  While I think of myself as a pretty cool guy and all, I question what makes me so special that I can expect to be the only one you’ve ever paid on time in your life?  I’ll stick with my policy of not accepting anyone whose been bounced out of another property (or left one in the dark of night like the Colts left Baltimore), thank you kindly.

“A lot of places will take my 4 Pit Bulls.  Why won’t you- you prejudiced against ’em or something?”  No joke?  You’re kidding, right?  I don’t have enough breath in my body right now to explain to your crazy self why I won’t take your pack of wild canines- and I challenge you to explain your definition of “a lot” and to list some other companies who’d gladly roll out the Welcome mat for your precious Cujo and his buddies.

And for argument’s sake…I’ve never owned a Pit Bull, Rottweiler or a dog that’s a member of any of the other aggressive breeds- but one of my brothers has owned a number of them, worked for Jefferson County Animal Control in Alabama and headed up the Bama Bully Rescue that travels the state rescuing dogs folks see fit to chain in their yards.  I can assure you that I know more about “bad dogs” than I ever wanted to know- and more than many who own some of the breeds.

We hear a great deal about the ill effects of our differences- but they’re truly what makes the world go ’round.  I’ll continue to celebrate our differences and the opportunities they afford our citizenry rather than complain about them and any problems they might present.  In the case of folks who have asked some of the questions from above, difference equals opportunity as well- for after I’ve rebuffed any of these wacky ideas, folks are free to return to those “some places”, “some companies”, “most places” and “a lot of places” that are apparently more accommodating than I am.

It’s my policy- you can cry if you want to

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