Property Manager Safety Tips

Property Manager Safety Tips

Orlando Property Manager

Property Manager Safety Tips

     With the death of Arkansas Realtor Beverly Carter still fresh in the minds of many, Realtor safety remains a timely issue.  While property managers and sales-type Realtors have a number of things in common, perhaps the biggest difference between us lies in the sheer volume of prospects we may encounter on any given day.  The more we encounter, the greater the chance of danger- and in light of my having had 20-showing days in the past, I’d like to offer a few tips that might serve to keep you and others a bit safer:

–          Know your prospects.  Dealing with a greater number of prospects than sales-type Realtors as a rule, the ideal scenario of meeting each prospect at your office could very well prove impractical.  That said, you can have the prospects text you a photo of their driver’s license- and you should document as much about them as possible (phone numbers, specific property they will be viewing, etc.).

–          Know your property.  Do your best to arrive at a property a few minutes ahead of time– especially in cases where you’re visiting a place for the first time.  Make a trip through the property- familiarizing yourself with all of the doors and ways you can exit the property if need be, and turning on all of the lights.  A well-lit property will tend to draw the eye of neighbors and also be a bit of a deterrent to folks who might seek to do you harm.

–          Know the area around your property.  As you approach a property, make a few mental notes about the surrounding homes- and take special care in cases where the property backs up to woods or sits on a cul-de-sac.  Woods may provide a bit of cover for bad guys- and a cul-de-sac is all but a dead-end road when you’re needing to flee from a dangerous situation.  Make a point not to park in the driveway: it’s great to leave that for your prospects as a rule, but also prevents someone from blocking you in and preventing you from leaving.

–          Tell others about your showing(s).  In gated/guarded communities, speak with the guard as you enter and let them know you’re showing a property to a prospect.  Give them an idea of how long it should take you to show the place- and don’t be afraid to have them check on you if they haven’t seen you leave the community within a certain time frame.

–          Document your showings in an online calendar that’s accessible to others- whether that be an assistant, colleagues, friends or relatives.  Ensure it’s as accurate as possible- so others will be able to discern when you’re running late and when it might be prudent to check up on you.

–          Consider carrying a gun and/or taking a self-defense course.  If you comply with applicable state laws regarding Concealed Carry Permits and licensure and get the requisite firearms training, carrying a handgun may provide you with an increased sense of security.  If uncomfortable with guns, you might consider carrying some sort of chemical spray or enrolling in a self-defense course that teaches you a few defensive maneuvers!

The most important thing to remember here is this:  you.  While law enforcement agencies do a fine job, we must remember that their actions are reactive once a crime’s occurred.  You must be proactive and do your part in preparing to keep yourself safe ahead of your showings and you’ll stand a much better chance of arriving home safe and sound at the end of each day.

Property Manager Safety Tips

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