Congratulations, Clayton Kershaw – 2014 NL Cy Young Winner

Congratulations, Clayton Kershaw – 2014 NL Cy Young Winner

Congratulations, Clayton Kershaw – 2014 NL Cy Young Winner

I’ve never been an L.A. Dodgers fan. Growing up in Alabama, one tends to gravitate toward the Atlanta Braves– and I did for the most part as I cheered them on through a number of poor seasons where being able to watch a true professional in Dale Murphy was each year’s saving grace.

That said, I’ve never been a Clayton Kershaw fan, either- until yesterday. Kershaw was awarded his 3rd National League Cy Young Award yesterday- alone a rare feat, and might very well add a Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award to his trophy cabinet when this year’s winner is announced at some point today.

My becoming a Kershaw fan isn’t owing to any of his awards, though- nor to any of his 70+ wins on the mound over the past few years. Rather, my becoming a fan of his can be solely attributed to his words upon his winning his latest award.

“It is humbling to receive the honor of the National League Cy Young Award again this year… The significance of this award is not lost on me. I consider it a privilege to even be considered in the same category as Johnny Cueto and Adam Wainwright, two remarkable pitchers and relentless competitors.”

“It seems fitting to share this recognition with my teammates and coaches – I couldn’t do my job without their own dedication to excellence in their roles. Today is a special day. To be associated with the men who have won this award before me is something I will not take for granted. But even more, it serves as a reminder that I’m blessed to play the game I love for an organization I greatly admire.”

Rarely are we afforded the opportunity to witness a talent such as Clayton Kershaw– for only a few others on the mound or elsewhere are as physically gifted and as mentally driven. Fewer and even farther between are the chances to observe an athlete so gifted and yet so humble.

It’s that seldom-seen combination of ability and humility that has me pulling for Kershaw to take home that National League MVP award today- and will have me following him and pulling for him to snag another Cy Young Award next year.

Congratulations, Clayton Kershaw- 2014 NL Cy Young Winner


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