ORRA Leadership Elections: Vote Lisa FORD 2016 ORRA Secretary

ORRA Leadership Elections: Vote Lisa FORD 2016 ORRA Secretary

Quality beats Quantity

Is “more time in the field” always a good thing?  You decide.

Our Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA) will be holding our annual leadership elections this coming week.  Members in good standing will be able to access their electronic ballots by visiting www.associationvoting.com/orra and following the instructions.  Voting’s a breeze- and allowing your voice to be heard takes just a couple of minutes.

Your choice for 2016 ORRA Secretary is a simple one:  Vote LISA FORD– ’cause “more time in the field” isn’t always a good thing.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Please take a moment to view LISA FORD’s candidate video: and see why she’s the only candidate whose ripe for the job, why she’s the one most suitable and why she’s the one most ready to serve our members.

The seeds were sown long ago, and it’s time for ORRA’s members to reap a bountiful harvest by electing the only candidate with a true servant’s heart– and that candidate is LISA FORD.  Through her work on more than 15 ORRA committees, task force, forums and our Board of Directors, LISA FORD has separated herself from the pack and stands alone as most qualified to continue serving our members.

Have you completed the Member Survey that ORRA’s marketing folks sent you a short time ago?  The survey itself is the result of a great deal of work by folks serving on our Member Relations Committee and its Value Proposition Task Force.

LISA FORD served as both Chairman of the Value Proposition Task Force and Vice Chairman of the Member Relations Committee– and worked hard to deliver a survey to our members that asks some very important questions.  Why?  Because LISA FORD wants to know what our members feel they’re in need of- so she can hit the ground running in 2016 and work with the rest of ORRA’s leadership team to address any of our association’s shortcomings the survey might ultimately reveal.

LISA FORD’s opponent?  That individual chose not to serve on either the Member Relations Committee OR the Value Proposition Task Force.

Yes, you read that correctly!  While LISA FORD was working hard for ORRA’s members (and our local community, our veteran population and the homeless through her support of events such as the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness’ “Rethink Homelessness” campaign), her opponent was missing in action and failed to contribute to either the task force or the committee.

So ask yourself this question: “Which candidate for 2016 ORRA Secretary has the members’ best interests in mind?” If you’re honest with yourself, the answer to that question is a ridiculously simple one:  LISA FORD.

Vote Lisa FORD 2016 ORRA Secretary

Note: no phony Fiverr videos or testimonials from fake friends were used in the drafting of this post.

ORRA Leadership Elections: Vote Lisa FORD 2016 ORRA Secretary

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