Orlando home for rent: 5061 Foxcroft Ct., 3BR/2BA…1,435 s/f…$1,350/mo

Orlando home for rent: 5061 Foxcroft Ct., 3BR/2BA…1,435 s/f…$1,350/mo

Available: NOW

Monthly rent includes lawn care!

This one won’t last!  How do I know?  NOTHING’s staying on the market long these days, and this one will be gone soon as well- will YOU be the one to snag it?

Hi, I’m Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess.  I’m in the area and available often- so give me a call for more information on this great Orlando home for rent.

This home in Orlando’s Crystal Cove neighborhood has an open, spacious feel to it and a split floor plan.  Bedrooms feature ceiling fans to keep your electric bill a bit lower in these hot summer months just ahead of us!

Fully equipped kitchen with an eat-in area offers a pantry, all major appliances and ample cabinetry.  An adjacent laundry area has washer/dryer hook-ups for your convenience. 

Outside, you’ll find a screened porch, separate small patio that’s be great for BBQ’ing and a fenced back yard.

Call Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess directly at 205-445-4755 and set a time for your private viewing of this great home!

Email Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess: AmeriTeamPropertyManager@gmail.com

The Crystal Cove community is near the heart of everything you need to find in the Orlando area- whether you’re in need of shopping, dining, nightlife or entertainment spots, you’re just a minutes away when living here.

Orlando home for rent: 5061 Foxcroft Ct., 3BR/2BA…1,435 s/f…$1,350/mo

Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess
Property Manager
Licensed Florida Realtor

AmeriTeam Property Management
845 N. Garland Ave., #200
Orlando, FL 32801


Cell/Direct- 205-445-4755
Office – 407-901-3636 x103

Turning vacant into occupied, and “houses” into “homes”SM

Orlando home for rent: 5061 Foxcroft Ct., 3BR/2BA…1,435 s/f…$1,350/mo

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Orlando Frogger videos

Orlando Frogger videos

Orlando Frogger videos

Videos of folks walking in the streets of Orlando– in front of cars, etc…

Orlando Frogger videos

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MLK Day, and a pause to honor TWO Civil Rights heroes

MLK Day, and a pause to honor TWO Civil Rights heroes












(Spider Martin photographs- Estate of Spider Martin)

MLK Day, and a pause to honor TWO Civil Rights heroes

While the nation- and indeed, a good bit of the world- pays tribute to the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, I stop to pay tribute to two other heroes of the Civil Rights movement. These men are ones without a national holiday in their name or streets in virtually every American town named after them- but played invaluable roles in our nation’s history just the same.

Today, I honor and pay tribute to the memories of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and Spider Martin.

The late Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth is pictured in the first 5 photos here. An older Rev. Shuttlesworth is shown outside my native Birmingham’s Phillips High School- where his fight to simply get for his children the same quality education every white kid enjoyed caused him a great deal of mental anguish and physical pain. Racists bombed his home not once, but three times- and he’s pictured above beside it after one such bombing.

Shuttlesworth endured countless beatings at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan and others- that’s a younger Shuttlesworth shown on the receiving end of a beating, as well. But if the Klan thought they were going to scare Shuttlesworth into backing down, they thought wrong. If anyone harbored a notion they’d shut Shuttlesworth up, their notions were wrong.

While Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. receives his just accolades for his Letter from Birmingham Jail, that message would never have been received and its effects on our nation never felt had King continued his refusal to come to Birmingham at all. It was Rev. Shuttlesworth‘s battle for integration which many cite as the catalyst for the bombing of Birmingham’s Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. The memories of the “four little girls” who perished in that bombing will remain with us forever- and neither their deaths nor Rev. Shuttlesworth‘s fights were in vain.

As early as 1961, commentator Howard K. Smith called Shuttlesworth “The man most feared by the Southern racist,” and proclaimed that “No history written on the Civil Rights Movement would be complete unless it included the name of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth. Rev. Shuttlesworth has given more of himself for the ‘Cause of Freedom’ than any man living today.”

I invite you to learn more about Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth by visiting www.fredshuttlesworthfoundation.org.

The late Spider Martin was a world-class photographer, and one of the Birmingham area’s own. Though small in stature physically, he was nonetheless a giant of the Civil Rights movement. None other than Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. himself cited the impact Martin had on the movement (and consequently on American life).

In 1965, Dr. King said that “Spider, we could have marched, we could have protested forever, but if it weren’t for guys like you, it would have been for nothing. The whole world saw your pictures. That’s why the Voting Rights Act passed.” Congressman John Lewis (GA) expressed in 1996 that “Spider Martin, more than any other photographer of our time, has used his camera to document the struggle for civil rights and social change in the State of Alabama. In viewing Spider’s collection, one is literally walking through the pages of American history.”

Spider Martin is seen in the photo with Congressman Lewis above, and the other photos above are some of Spider Martin’s shots taken during the historic Selma to Montgomery march. From Selma’s Edmund Pettis Bridge to the event’s culmination and Dr. King’s speech to thousands in Montgomery, Spider Martin was there.

I urge you to learn more about Spider Martin. You can visit http://www.spidermartin.com, a website maintained by his family/estate that has information, a gallery of his photos and more. I’d also urge you to watch the trailer for the upcoming Leaving Selma, which will be released soon as the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the passing of theVoting Rights Act continues. Leaving Selma features the photography of Spider Martin: http://youtu.be/hYG-0LLJ7_M.

In days like these, we can never have too many real heroes. When too many “fight” for all the wrong reasons, let’s take time to remember folks who fought for some right ones. I was fortunate to meet Spider Martin a few times during his time covering the trials of the Klansman convicted of bombing the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church– and found him to be a skilled craftsman with his camera and a humble man. I was blessed to meet Rev. Shuttlesworth around the same time, and rest assured the fight that was in him in the ’50s and ’60s never left him. I’m confident in saying he was a fighter for the cause of right until he breathed his last breath.

May God bless the memories of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and Spider Martin today and every day– and may those among us who aren’t familiar with them come to know the contributions they made to our nation and the debt we owe them.

MLK Day, and a pause to honor TWO Civil Rights heroes

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Merry Christmas and God Bless…our cops

Merry Christmas and God Bless…our cops



Merry Christmas and God Bless…our cops

Merry Christmas to you and yours!  My hope for all is that you’ve had time to reflect on 2014: determining what went well so you can repeat it in 2015, and assessing what went wrong so that you can change it and ensure the coming new year will not only be better than 2014- but your most prosperous year ever.

My prayer is that today and every day, you’ll have time to pause and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  May all of the believers among us boldly proclaim that indeed, Christ is Lord.  Wonderful Counselor and the Prince of Peace, He truly holds the answers to any of our days’ questions if we seek His guidance and trust in it.

I’d also like to offer my second prayer for today and every day: God, please bless our police officers, deputy sheriffs, state troopers/highway patrol officers (yes, even you, FHP), FBI, U.S. Marshals and all other law enforcement personnel.

Lord, please watch over and protect those among us who run toward the dangers and peril the rest of us run away from.

May we as a nation return to sanity and reject those currently stoking divisiveness’ flames- those offering the welcoming arms of acceptance for any who choose to assault or kill our cops for selfish gain.  Simply put, there is no place for violence against police officers- and we must take a stand and declare that we will no longer accept it.  Looting shouldn’t be tolerated, either- period.  Thugs who steal from their fellow man or destroy their businesses in the name of their fellow criminals need to be locked up- period.

And if you plan on encountering a police officer and pointing a gun at him, remember these things:

1) you can expect to be shot and killed

2) it will be your fault– and that’s the price you’ll pay for being a thug

3) the police officer will face no chargesand he/she shouldn’t. They will have done their job in protecting themselves and the rest of the community from your degenerate self

4) ensure you prepare your family ahead of time- for while you will have voluntarily gone to meet your Maker, they may not be prepared for things and will need time to arrange your funeral

This is by no means a hateful message- simply reiterating that those exercising their God-given free will for ill versus good will reap the consequences of said unilateral decisions.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”– Matt 5:9 (KJV)

The Thin Blue Line is indeed thin, but it’s incredibly strong. Stay safe on the roads, LEO folks! Merry Christmas and God bless you for patrolling the streets while we sleep.

Merry Christmas and God Bless…our cops

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In honor of lives lost and those who remain

In honor of lives lost and those who remain
image In honor of lives lost and those who remain

73 years ago today, the relative serenity and calm of a Honolulu morning was interrupted by the sound of incoming enemy aircraft from the Empire of Japan. Soon to be followed by the sounds of one shipmate after another yelling “Incoming!” and warning each other of both the Japanese planes and their ordnances, it was undoubtedly one horrific day.

U.S. Navy folks surveyed the damage once the attack was over and the cowards who’d sucker punched us had departed, and the toll was grim: 2,403 lives lost and another 1,178 were wounded and would never be the same.

The U.S.S Arizona is the most famous of the ships whose crews lost lives that day- and many of the 1,177 lives lost aboard her remain forever entombed on the ocean floor beneath the memorial. Oil from the ship still leaks to the surface this very day.

Lives lost aboard other ships was widespread, as follows:

U.S.S. Oklahoma, 429 U.S.S. West Virgina, 106
U.S.S. California, 100 U.S.S. Nevada, 60
U.S.S. Tennessee, 5 U.S.S. Maryland, 4
U.S.S. Pennsylvania, 9 U.S.S. Utah, 64
U.S.S. Helena, 20 U.S.S. Curtiss, 19

Each of those lives was valuable- each one lost was someone’s son, father, brother, uncle or nephew with a great deal of their lives ahead of them. Far too many shipmates were lost that day- and far too many families who once envisioned a storybook pier-side reunion instead saw their loved ones return home in a flag-draped box.

May God bless the memory of those who died at Pearl Harbor. May He bless the thinning number of Pearl Harbor survivors who have lived with and suffered from the memories of that day- each hero’s circumstance somewhat different, yet each one exactly the same.

May we as a nation never forget lives lost in our defense. Whether they perished when the savages attacked us that 1941 day or died at the hands of our enemies in Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq or Afghanistan, each one remains in death the heroes they’d been well before they departed this world for the next.

May we remain ever vigilant… for we know not from where tomorrow’s surprise attack may originate. In that spirit, let’s honor the sacrifices of every hero we’ve lost by remembering that there are still some in Viet Nam who have yet to return home- and resolve to continue pressing for answers to unresolved Benghazi questions.

Once again, may we remain ever vigilant, ever mindful.

In honor of lives lost and those who remain

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Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name”Psalm 100:4 (KJV)

On this Thanksgiving Day and every day, let us give thanks unto the Lord- for He will provide.

We’re all different- occupying many different positions in life.  Some of us have soared to heights once beyond our wildest imaginations- while others among us may have fallen to depths which also seemed beyond our wildest and more tragic imaginations.  Today, one and all should give thanks equally- for God knows each of us and placed us exactly where we are.

May the healthiest and wealthiest among us- both in finance and family give thanks in appreciation for their good fortune.  May they pause to remember those in lesser circumstances.

May the least among us give thanks today as well- for we are the children of a mighty God.  He knows our needs and our wants- and it’s through trying times that He instructs us and reminds us of the difference.

I thank God for America today and urge everyone to do the same.  Despite any of our faults, we remain the greatest nation the world’s ever seen.  A rare country that’s both prosperous and charitable- our greatness is evidenced by the masses who seek to leave their home countries and come here.  Regardless their country of origin, they come to America because our nation is better than theirs- else they’d stay where they are.  It’s my hope the Lord will continue to bless and keep America- the light of the world.

Being the envy of the world comes at a price, though- and we must remain ever mindful of those who seek to do us harm.  Enemies both foreign and domestic despise America’s success- and they see no greater reward than the destruction of our way of life.  We must continue to trust in God’s will- but we must do our part in heeding His voice as He leads us into battle whenever and wherever conflicts arise.

Thank God for our military serving both stateside and abroad in order to keep us free.  Whether aboard Navy vessels underway, high above us in the clouds or in foxholes deep within areas whose names have few vowels and are all but impossible to pronounce, our servicemen and women are owed a debt which we can never re-pay.

Lastly, I thank God for America’s police officers, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, firefighters, EMT’s and other first-responders.  May God bless and keep them- and allow them to arrive home safely to their families each night. They are our friends- not our enemies.

I specifically salute and support Ferguson, MO Police Officer Darren Wilson– whose record prior to this August was without blemish and in light of a recent grand jury’s decision remains so.

May God bless each and every one of us as we enter the most wonderful time of the year.

Thanksgiving 2014

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Congratulations, Clayton Kershaw – 2014 NL Cy Young Winner

Congratulations, Clayton Kershaw – 2014 NL Cy Young Winner

Congratulations, Clayton Kershaw – 2014 NL Cy Young Winner


I’ve never been an L.A. Dodgers fan. Growing up in Alabama, one tends to gravitate toward the Atlanta Braves– and I did for the most part as I cheered them on through a number of poor seasons where being able to watch a true professional in Dale Murphy was each year’s saving grace.

That said, I’ve never been a Clayton Kershaw fan, either- until yesterday. Kershaw was awarded his 3rd National League Cy Young Award yesterday- alone a rare feat, and might very well add a Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award to his trophy cabinet when this year’s winner is announced at some point today.

My becoming a Kershaw fan isn’t owing to any of his awards, though- nor to any of his 70+ wins on the mound over the past few years. Rather, my becoming a fan of his can be solely attributed to his words upon his winning his latest award.

“It is humbling to receive the honor of the National League Cy Young Award again this year… The significance of this award is not lost on me. I consider it a privilege to even be considered in the same category as Johnny Cueto and Adam Wainwright, two remarkable pitchers and relentless competitors.”

“It seems fitting to share this recognition with my teammates and coaches – I couldn’t do my job without their own dedication to excellence in their roles. Today is a special day. To be associated with the men who have won this award before me is something I will not take for granted. But even more, it serves as a reminder that I’m blessed to play the game I love for an organization I greatly admire.”

Rarely are we afforded the opportunity to witness a talent such as Clayton Kershaw– for only a few others on the mound or elsewhere are as physically gifted and as mentally driven. Fewer and even farther between are the chances to observe an athlete so gifted and yet so humble.

It’s that seldom-seen combination of ability and humility that has me pulling for Kershaw to take home that National League MVP award today- and will have me following him and pulling for him to snag another Cy Young Award next year.

Congratulations, Clayton Kershaw- 2014 NL Cy Young Winner

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