Roach spray won’t kill a frog

Roach spray won’t kill a frog


Roach spray won’t kill a frog

A friend of mine called me up the other day, and it seems that a Florida green frogs such as this had somehow gained access to their home- and was hopping around a bedroom.  Said friend not being the biggest fan of green frogs, she told me she couldn’t catch it and that her plan was to kill it.  She’d been stalking it with a can of Raid for a while, and…..

“What?”  I told her that Raid was great for killing roaches and some other pests, but not the best thing for eliminating a little green frogShe’d be better off coming up with some other way to rid her place of the little fella- and she ultimately managed to get the thing out the front door just fine.

There’s a lesson to be learned here, though:  things work best when they’re used they’re intended to be used.  And people are the same way.

Everyone’s not a “people person”.  Some folks are suited for desk work, some not.  Some work well with others, some don’t.  Some are fine being leaders or followers as long as they’re contibuting members of a winning team- while some folks can’t spell team ’cause they keep using an “I” too often.

Anyone in a leadership position is served well by learning the strengths and weaknesses of those under them.  Whether you’re the captain of a ship or coach of a football team, an office’s managing broker or the chairman of an association, you’ll be better off (and your goals more easily attained) if you put your assets to use where they function best.

Roach spray won’t kill a frog


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